Monday, July 29, 2013

Missionary Conveyor belt... MTC

Hi Family and Friends!!

While I am in the MTC my P-day will be on friday. My last day in the MTC will be Aug. 6th, so I only have one more Friday here in the MTC to write letters and tell you all about my adventures.

I love it here! The days are so incredibly long, and a little bit overwhelming at moments, but I am so happy to be here! I am so grateful for the little preparation that I was able to get before I came. I seriously love missionary work, and can't wait to start teaching REAL people! Teaching is so fun. Man I have a lot to learn but I am so excited to learn as much as I can.

So where to start... First day was like being on a missionary conveyer belt. We go from room to room getting everything we need to be missionaries. Everything was so organized it was scary! But very cool. I finally met my district which consists of 6 companionship's, and my companion, Sister Beach! She is awesome! Haha, but very quirky! our relationship is kind of funny. To give you an idea of what it looks like: on the first day we had what was called our "Big Teaching Experience" where a huge room full of new missionaries get to experience teaching an investigator together (Someone pretending to be an investigator). So kinda scary. Some missionaries who have been here longer started off with the door aproach and got in to where they started talking about the gospel and then it was out turn to take it from there. Then the person leading us asked us which companionship's would like to start us off. In my mind I am thinking NO WAY, when immediately my companion shoots her hand up and says "WE WILL!" My face probably turned 5 shades of red darker. Terrifying! Haha, but in my mind I'm thinking, alright sister, bring it! So we got to have 3 different experiences teaching 3 different people. When we got to the next room the same thing happened where they asked who would like to start us off, and I shot my hand up and heard myself saying "we will!" Haha people around us were probably thinking what is this companionship's deal! Bunch of eager beavers over there! Luckily for both of us neither of our companions got themselves into a position where we needed help or support, and they didn't really give us much time at all to talk. Haha, so anyway, I might have made it sound like we don't like each other, but actually it is very opposite. We LOVE each other. She is so great. She keeps me on time for everything! And I love how much courage she has and her enthusiasm! I feel so blessed!

It is so funny being a missionary. Suddenly the Elders become terrifying. I fear turning to a pillar of salt if I even look at them for a second. And heaven forbid I think one might even be kind of attractive. I find myself pretending I don't even notice them them there like they are invisible or something. They are like the enemy, only not since they are part of the same team. But I'm sure they feel the same about the sisters. If anyone is reading this and doesn't know what I am talking about. Elders and Sisters are allowed to be friends, but NO TOUCHING, and definitely NO FLIRTING! We have to be careful how long we even shake hands for. Wouldn't want to send the wrong messages. But it is good. We don't want to be a distraction for each other because we are not here for ourselves, we are here for the Lord. Luckily for the Elders in case any of them might have tried to crush on me or something the Lord protected me by putting a ginormous cold sore on my face! -_- He probably laughed to himself and though "yep, that'll take care of things!"
I am the OLDEST person in my district. There are so many 18 year old Elders! and there are only 4 of us sisters, so 3 of us are 20 and 1 is 19. But still, I didn't expect to be the oldest at 20!
So, funny story... I got called as the new sister trainer leader for our zone. Ummmmm, what?! Scary. I have no idea what I am doing already, now all of a sudden I have to act like I do and lead a bunch of sisters. Oh dear. I'm out of time.. So have a great week!

Love you al,
Sister Carter

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I made myself a profile.

This website is really great, I have spent hours watching "I'm a Mormon" videos about all different kinds of people all around the world that all share the same faith. I posted a few of them, but on the website there are way more. Feel free to watch them.

If you want to learn more about us please ask us. One mistake that most people make is going to the internet for questions that they have about us.  That is great if you are going to websites like, or But unfortunately people always find themselves onto anti-mormon websites that say all sorts of weird stuff about us that are almost always either not true, or the twisted truth. Another mistake is asking someone else about us. Would you go to an architect to learn about medicine? No, obviously not. Better yet, would you go to someone who hates medicine to learn about medicine. No. Same goes for religion. Don't go to a baptist to learn about a Mormon. And especially don't go to someone who hates us like anti-mormonss. They just simply will not know or even understand us.  If you want to know about the Mormons, go to a Mormon. Same goes if you want to learn about a Catholic, or a Baptist, or a Muslim. if you want to learn about them, go to them. If you don't know a Mormon in person, then you can talk to one online or over the phone Don't feel shy or awkward to do so! We WANT to answer you're questions. That may sound strange, but it's true. 
One of my favorite questions is "do you practice polygamy?" I love being able to nip that one in the bud. WE DO NOT. a polygamist, is not a Mormon, and if they were or claim that they are, they have been excommunicated from our church. There are a few branches off of our church like the FLDS that practice polygamy, but they are not us! They do have some similar beliefs as us, but they are not us. We tend to get associated with TV shows like "Big Love" and "Sister Wives", but they are not us either!
So anyway, talk to us, we want to share our beliefs. If you don't know a Mormon then go to one of the above links, they are so great! Brows around, ask questions, watch videos. ASK ME! 

Malia Carter