Monday, September 8, 2014

Creative Teaching Moments

Moment of the week:
We were at a dinner appointment with a less active member of the ward. She invited a whole bunch of her friends to the dinner as well. One of them was also a less active member who brought her partner to dinner as well. The partner was hilarious. She gets the biggest kick out of "Jesus People" and loved that we were out serving a mission. Before we ate I was asked to say the prayer and ask a blessing on the food. When I finished the prayer everyone said amen except for this lady. She brings her hands together like a cheerleader and shoots them up and out proclaiming, "Yaaaaay, God!" I about died laughing.

We just started teaching an 11 year old girl who has so much energy it's exhausting! Her mind jumps from place to place with questions about everything you could possibly think of. Sister Harper and I have so much fun with her though. Sadly her parents don't speak any English so we will have to hand her and the family off to the Spanish speaking missionaries. That is be hard for her though because she is super attached to us.

 Teaching her on the weekend was so funny! We could NOT get her to pay attention to what we had to share with her. She got it fixed in her mind that she wanted to pretend to be me and that I was going to pretend to be her. Sister Harper and I thought about it for a second and concluded that it might actually work. so we went for it. We taught her all about prophets and dispensations in a way where she felt like she was teaching with Sister Harper and I was learning. It was awesome!!! Sister Harper was able to say all the right things and I was able to ask all the right questions to get her little brain moving and absorbing the things we were teaching. By the end of it she understood the role of prophets better than any kid I have taught on my mission so far. It's funny how often we have to work and think outside of the box in order to help people learn about the gospel. In this case it worked! Heavenly Father helped us so much!!

Sad news:
Our mission is taking a break from Facebook. I'm so sad because over the last couple of months the work on Facebook for me has exploded as I know it has for other missionaries as well. I hope we will be back on before I end up going home. I have a baptismal date set with a guy in Burundi Africa and I worry he will get lost in the shuffle of trying to transition him to the missionaries there if there even are any...
But on the bright side I have a whole extra hour to work in our area in Santa Rosa. And hour is a precious amount of time and lots can get done.

I love it here! I love love love it! We are teaching some AWESOME people that I want the whole world to know about. There is a whole family that has and continues to change their life because of their recently developed faith in Christ and His atonement. It's incredible! They are set to be baptized next month and what to be part of missionary work and go to the temple to be sealed as a family.

Word got to me that 2 investigators that I taught in Davis have finally been baptized. Jacob and Jenita. After I left they ended up needing more time but have progressed so much and have finally made the covenant of baptism! Next step, the temple! I am so happy for them! their stories are incredible.

Two huge packages came in the mail for me today! They were full of Canadian goodies that I get to use for our Canada party! I'm so excited! It's going to be fun!

The Elder's got hold of my Ipad again..

All my love,
Sister Carter

PS. If you have sent me a letter and haven't received one back, don't worry, one will come. I've gotten really behind on responding, but it'll happen so keep them coming they make me so happy! 

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  1. We have members in the Cochrane ward (here is West Stake, Calgary) who are from Burundi. Is there any way we can make that a helpful thing?! Love your blog and enthusiasm...missions are wonderful and life changing for the WHOLE family! Love Sister Lethaby (not he's a missionary who is not allowed social media!)