Monday, October 6, 2014

Piglets on the run

This week while weekly planning a lady rushed into the mission office in a panic to tell us that two little pigs were digging up the grass at the front of the building. I probably should have had a concerned reaction, but all I could do was laugh. It was hilarious! Sister Harper and I got to piglet sit them while we waited for animal control to come get them.

Good News and Bad News:

Good news first. The Woodds are getting baptized THIS SATURDAY! They are the most incredible family! They are officially living the Word of Wisdom and LOVED general conference this weekend. We had a fun night this week when a bunch of missionaries who had helped the Woodds through their conversion process were all in town and got to visit with them all together. It was a special moment to sit in a room full of missionaries who love this family and have worked for them for so long.
they were on TV yesterday on a KSL program along with my companion and a bunch of other missionaries from my mission.

The bad news is that our other investigator who was supposed to get baptized a couple Saturday's ago completely dropped off the face of the planet. It was awful! The lesson before his baptism after his baptismal interview and everything we sensed something was very very wrong. He wasn't going to tell us, but finally did by the way we were struggling to bring the spirit in. He open his note book and read to us that he had not been truthful. He told us that he doesn't believe the things we shared with him were true, that he doesn't want to get baptized, nor does he ever want to get baptized. He dropped us right there and then and we haven't seen him since. Sister Harper and I struggled pretty bad after that! We both got pretty depressed. That was the very last thing we ever expected to happen. He went from vibrant and happy, to frustrated and confused. We were so sad. We went a few days feeling numb and not knowing what to do to get out of it. All we wanted to do was cry, but were too shocked and confused to be able to. We had literally watched him feel the spirit, change and experience true happiness. But it was as if he had developed a few doubts and questions in his mind, and the adversary was able to use those to destroy all faith he had ever developed. He is to the point now where he doesn't even know if God exists. It's tragic. If I could I would punch Satan in the face so hard! I really hope that his journey in life brings him back to the restored gospel of Jesus Christ one day. I sure have grown to love him. All I want is for him to be happy.

My district

Elders from my district

Love my Companion

Elder Prince from My home town... Love seeing old friends

Anyway, it's time for me to go. I love being here. And though sad things happen in missionary work, there is so much more joy.

Moment of the Week:

A few weeks ago I gave Sister Harper permission to snap me with a rubber band every time I eat seconds at dinner, or if I eat food late at night when we get home at the end of the day. I thought it was a good idea at first until i realized how much fun Sister Harper was going to have with it. She went and found the fattest rubber band she could so it could reach as much surface area as possible and she saves them up until I least expect it, and when I am most vulnerable. Like when both of my hands are preoccupied with doing my hair she will run in the bathroom snap me under my arm in the tender area, and run away as fast as she can, and laugh her head off! I can't even retaliate because I gave her permission. I have had red marks on my arms and legs for days. You would think I would learn my lesson or something. It has been helping me a little bit, but not enough, so I'm not quite ready to end it.  She is so funny.

Love, Sister Carter

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