Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I'm growing up...

Mom, you would be so proud of me. I think I'm growing up. Last P-Day we were driving and the sun was super bright in our eyes. We decided to pick up some sun glasses while at Walmart. Normally shopping would take me an eternity to decide what to buy. Then I would take them home, hold on to them for about a week, decide I don't like them, take them back, then a week later buy them again and ask my mom for approval.You would be proud to know that I did it under 5 minutes, AND I didn't even need her help. Mom, I hope tears are coming to your eyes at the thought of me being all grown up. 

When we were at Walmart I realized I forgot my tag (greenie mistake). I got to be Sister Becker for the afternoon. It was fun. When we were getting our pictures developed the man who was helping us was so confused. He kept look back and forth at both of our tags, but not actually asking us why we both had the first name Sister and the last name Becker. For the sake of all other missionaries we decided to clarify so he didn't think we were all named Sister Becker.
Wal-Mart adventures

I got some fun mail this week! It made me so happy. You know your a missionary when you curse the mail man for keeping the Sabbath-day holy. Especially when he holds it hostage during the other days of the week.

I had so many wonderful experiences this week. I couldn't possibly write them all so I will share one that I thought was very special. During personal study hour one morning I was reading in Mosiah. I have read the book of Mosiah several times and always get confused as to who is who, where they came from and why. So this time I put my foot down and decided once and for all I was going to figure out the chronological order of everything. I made up a super messy diagram that probably only I would understand. It showed who was who and where they came from and why they came/left. It was so very enlightening. Over the next two study periods I did the same thing. I felt kind of guilty that I focused so much more on the historical part of the Book of Mormon, rather than the spiritual part so I prayed and asked heavenly father that he would find a way to use my preparations. That day I was on exchanges with Sister DeRurange. We were doing some street contacting and saw a man washing his car. As we were approaching him and introducing ourselves he cut us off saying "Sorry I'm Atheist". We got to know him further and learned that he studies science and history. Both Sister DeRurange and I felt very strongly that he needed to have a Book of Mormon (which we found out as we discussed the scenario afterwards). As we testified of the Book of Mormon, he cut us off saying,"look this is all wonderful but you are talking about religious things to a man who doesn't even believe in God" He was right. No matter how much testifying we did, it was fruitless. Then I remembered the things that I had studied that morning. Yes, the Book of Mormon is the word of God, and another testament of Jesus Christ, but it is also a volume of historical documents of the people of the ancient Americas. I was able to share with him the things that I studied. I shared that a group of people who came from Jerusalem during the time of the Babylonian captivity and settled in the Americas in a land that they called the land of Zedekiah and so forth (don't judge me if I don't quite have those facts right). I told him more about King Limhi in the land of Lehi-Nephi and the kings that followed him. I told him that what we were holding in our hands was history. After careful, and spiritual direction we were able to leave the Book of Mormon with him. What was interesting is that both Sister DeRurange and I felt that the Book of Mormon would probably sit unread, collecting dust for years and years and years. But we both knew that It needed to be in his home. One day in maybe 30 years from now he is going to read that book, or maybe 60 years from now one of his grand children will find that book and read it... Neither of us know, but it is all in the Lords time.

Something amazing happened this week in our zone. There was a baptism of a guy who had been taught over Skype. Elder Cullimore was teaching him and got asked to give a talk at the baptism over Skype. He got permission from President Alba and was able to speak at this mans baptism where both of Elder Cullimore's parents were present. Amazing things are happening!

Family, I have 2 birthday wishes:
1. To have a family name to take to the temple. We are going November 21st (day after my birthday). The name has to already have had their baptismal ordinance done.
2. That you will set up the Christmas tree on my birthday! I loved when you did that while I was at school! Keep the tradition!
Both of those would mean the world to me.

Moment of the week:
It is probably not the smartest thing in the world to put unknown temperatures of small red peppers in your mouth. Nevertheless, we did! Sister Becker and I got them from some Mexican man while street contacting. We didn't know what else to do with them either than dare each other to eat them. We got a nice recording of the whole thing.

My favorite moment this week by far was when I was backing the car (which I am a pro at doing). After completing what I would call a successful backing, I walked back to the passengers side to get in but couldn't because it was locked. Sister Becker rolled down the window, whistled, and said "hey pretty lady, want a ride?" Sister Becker kills me.

Love you all,

Sister Carter

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