Friday, November 8, 2013

Mission Life.. I have a "Dad"!

My Mission Family (Mission Mom and Sister)
How could she leave me!? 

Fun and Rather Silly Facts About Mission Life:
(Whoever came up with this stuff must not have been keeping very busy) Your first area is where you were born. Your last area is where you die. Your trainer is your mom, your follow up trainer is your dad( hence the Title), when you train, you get a kid. My poor trainer has a tough life, she is an orphan with 2 kids. Both her parents finished their 18 months and are home now. Sister Van Wie abandoned me for her new child (she is training again) therefor I now have a sister, and a dad :)
My new companion Sister Becker is a licensed massage therapist. Lets just say life is pretty great! I'm probably the luckiest missionary ever. But actually, I love her so much. It is amazing how aware Heavenly Father is of me in knowing exactly who I need as a companion. She has all the strengths I wish I had. I am so excited to learn from her.  

I get to go to the temple again this month! I am so excited. There is so much to learn in the temple. There is a lot of spiritual preparation that goes into attending the temple as well. I have been studying a lot about covenants. Baptismal covenants and the covenants that we make in the temple. The scriptures are chocked full of so much insight about covenants. I am learning so much about the ordinances that are necessary for our salvation, and how those ordinances MUST be done with the proper authority of God (priesthood authority). I love the temple because in it we get to take part in those saving ordinances.
I could go on forever about how grateful I am that we have temples.

As you may be aware, our mission is a pilot mission. We just got new word from mission head quarters in Salt Lake that we need our family to send us family genealogy names that we can take to the temple to do their saving ordinances for. Mission Head quarters is going to start implementing family history work into missionary work, and we get to be one of the first to try it out! I am so excited! We haven't yet figured out what it is that they are going to have us do, but a member of the 70 will be coming to train us this transfer. As a start we need those names within the next 4 weeks. You can send as many names as you want especially for those missionaries who wont be able to get any. But they have to be from my family lines. I am so excited about this!

I have to go, but I love you all.
Sister Carter

We were out teaching and look what we bumped into!! 

P.S. I made a list of first world missionary problems.
First World Missionary Problems:
-Not having enough Miles in your car  (so we have to walk or find other transportation) Mileage is limited per month.
-Having to share a mirror
-Cell phone dropping calls
-Forgetting to charge the iPad the night before
-The breaker popping because of the hair dryer
-Having to reset the alarm clock because of the breaker popping
-2 dinners in one night
-Getting a run in your nylons
-Getting a run in your nylons twice in a row
-Getting a run in your nylons 3 times in a row and giving up on nylons
-The heat not working fast enough in the car
-The AC not working fast enough in the car
-Conference talks, Mormon messages, and bible videos not downloading fast enough on your iPad

Life can be really hard as a first world missionary.

Sister Carter
We always get made fun of for being the foreigners. Elder Gunter is from Germany.

XOxO big X little o, little x, O

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