Monday, March 3, 2014

I'm going to be a MOM!!

Transfer calls came this week!! Picture the Hunger Games reaping scene and that is what it is like. Only this is the reaping "missionary style." I think I have mentioned before a little bit about how transfers work. Well, Friday night is when the official transfer calls get made. The day before (Thursday) is when Sister Alba calls all of the new trainers and STL's (Sister Training Leaders). For some, all day Thursday they wait in anticipation to know if they will get called, for others they have their fingers crossed that they WON'T get a phone call. I am one of those sisters! All day on Thursday I feared the phone thinking please don't call, please don't call! Well... Guess who called? Sister Alba.

Our Entire Apartment

My crazy Trainer found me at the Temple!! Love my mom!

She gave us all new assignments. Sister Beach will be going to WINDSOR!! I LOVE Windsor! Sister Eisert will be going to Vacaville and will be the STL there and do follow up training. Follow up training just means that the Greenie (missionary who just came from the mission training center) had only been out 6 weeks and you will be training him/her for the next 6 weeks. Sister Alba told us these things and then she got to me, only she kept pretending that she couldn't remember what was happening with me and kept pretending that she lost the paper that said my new assignment. haha She is so funny! FINALLY she stopped playing with me and said that I will be training a brand new greenie fresh out of the MTC, and will be staying in Davis. What is scary is that I will be all by myself. No more trio, just me and the greenie. AHHHHH! I am so nervous.

Suddenly I went from the perfectly happy comfortable junior companion, to having to lead out the area and pretend I know what I am doing with a greenie. So, I am a little bit dramatic... In reality I am actually pretty excited, but I do have a lot of fears. My biggest fear right now is that I have had an AWFUL cold that has not let me sleep at all and has put me at a pretty low functioning level at the moment.

I do find humor in all of this though. A couple weeks ago I found myself praying for a small mountain to climb spiritually. Heavenly Father answers prayers for sure, I know that he will help me. With the help of a priesthood blessing I was able to get through a lesson with a very minimal amount of coughing instead of coughing my lungs out at the person. I feel confident that everything will work out great because I have the power of prayer, and scripture study. So, I am going to be a mom!!!!!

The Lord has blessed us with some incredible lessons this week where the spirit guided the whole thing. I would have to say that my favorite part of being a missionary is when I open my mouth to speak and the words that come out are not my own. I have had so many incredible moments where I have literally been a vessel, for the lords words, and an instrument in the Lords hands. It could be so easy to walk out of a lesson and say, "wow, we did great!" but in all reality it is, "wow, God is so great!". It is all the Lords doing. Our lessons would be nothing without the spirit of God.
We met 2 different people this week who were so incredibly prepared to hear the message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ it was incredible. I cried as I heard their beautiful and precious prayers for the first time.

Moment of the week:
So... I saw a tornado on Friday... No big deal or anything. We got a text message with a tornado warning in woodland... And we happened to be in woodland that night. This part of California has HUGE wide open fields that go on forever and ever. It was super windy and rainy on Friday night. We were driving back home to Davis and I looked over to the right into one of the fields and saw a huge beginning stage funnel cloud forming into a tornado. Good news: we're alive :)

Love you all,
Sister Carter

PS. Part of me wishes so bad I could see my actual mothers face when she reads the title of this email. I figured that would be good pay back to her from last year when she posted a picture of a positive pregnancy test on facebook just to freak me out while I was at University! You're hilarious mom!

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