Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Leaving Davis

One last picture with my darling companions. Notice my tear stained face.

After 6 months of the best area of the mission with the best investigators and the best companions, Heavenly Father has decided to transfer me to Eureka. 
I have dreaded transfers. I knew It was coming. Staying in Davis was way too good to be true. The night of transfers all of us sisters gathered around the phone on the ground in the living room in anticipation/panic of where we would all be going or staying. I laid face first on the ground struggling not to plug my ears when they got to my name. All I wanted was to stay another transfer. I had a lot of teary nights this last week knowing that the inevitable was coming, and sure enough it did. One of our investigators whom we taught from beginning to end will be getting baptized three days after I leave. Another one of our investigators who I have taught for 6 months straight will be getting baptized that same night. We have 3 other baptismal dates set for next month and all of our investigators are progressing so well and so fast. Sometimes I feel so much love for them it doesn't feel like it can all fit inside of me and I could burst at any moment. 
Saying goodbye has been HARD. I have had some selfish moments of wishing I could be there for the progress of all of our investigators but I know my work here is done and I am needed in a new area. Even though it has been hard to be transferred right before so many baptisms I feel So incredible honored to have been a part of their conversion experience. Their experiences are so tender and wonderful, and as my mom always says, it is better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all. 

Last night we had a HARD drop. A guy who we have been teaching since Christmas eve got into anti-Mormon literature. I hate that stuff more than anything. I have seen it change people from vibrant, happy, bright, and full of the spirit, to angry, irrational, dark, and hopeless people. It destroys all faith. It is so wrong. I don't even have to look at it to see the literal visible affects of what it can do to a person. It will eat at your spirit and keep you as far away from the tender truths of the gospel and the blessing of the atonement as possible. Satan does not want you happy, and the fact is that truth brings joy, and the truth is found in this Church. Therefor it is the most attacked church in the world. If you have questions, go to the source of all truth, God and his son Jesus Christ who are at the head of this Church. I testify of that, and know it to be true. Their words can be found in scripture. The Bible and the Book of Mormon. You can speak to God through prayer, and he can answer through the Holy Ghost. Be patient with your questions, I guarantee you will not receive your answers all at once, but through careful and patient study and faith. I love the words of Elder Uchtdorf, "Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith."

I have heard SO much about Eureka. It is one of the most coveted areas to serve in the mission. I hear it is beautiful, and full of drugs! Haha, bring it! I guess I am going from crazy "Born Again" Christians to crazy druggies. I also know my new companion. I served around her in Windsor. Her name is Sister Buckner. She is super sweet! I'm excited! She came out with my trainer, so she has lots of experience. I am excited to go get things done and to learn to love some new people. I will now have reached one of my hopes to hit all three temples in my mission. If I get to stay there for the next transfer as well then I will get to go to the Medford Oregon Temple! YAY!

Fun Fact:
This week Davis reached about 100°F.
It is HOT here!
I am a walking waterfall. Okay that's sick, I don't sweat that much. My face and arms are about 10 shades darker than they were last week. I am rockin' the farmers tan!

Moment of the week.
We were teaching one of our investigators who is addicted to tobacco, marijuana, and ADD medication. He tends to loose focus and drift off in our lessons. At one point sister Whimpey was pouring out her heart to him about the importance of living the word of wisdom. What she said was so beautiful, and sweet. once she finished he blinked a few times and said, "come again?"
I have never laughed at an investigator before ever. But I could not contain myself.It was so funny! all three of us BUSTED out laughing. We laughed so hard we could barely contain ourselves. He didn't hear a single word she said because he was so high he could barely focus.
Good news, He went to the 12 step program put out by the church yesterday and all he smoked was 1 cigarette yesterday! I LOVE THE GOSPEL!

We flushed two packs of cigarettes down the lou for one of our investigators.

Love you all!

Sister Carter

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