Monday, June 2, 2014

Eureka!! Get it??

Eureka! What a place! I haven't seen the sun since I first got here, and most people we talk to on the streets are flying pretty high. It is a very green town in every aspect. I keep forgetting it is summer here because it is so cold. I busted the tights and cardigans back out. Didn't think I would be seeing those in a while. Everything about my new area is completely opposite from my old area. But I am happy to be here. There is lots for me to learn, and lots of growing to do! 

Fun facts:
-The last ward I served in was all under 30, and this ward is close to all over 70.
-The last zone I was in was almost all sisters besides the zone leaders and district leaders. This zone only has 4 sisters. I feel completely outnumbered! Now I know how the Elders felt. It is so weird. 

The day after getting here I had to sync my ipad to get the information for this area which meant loosing the information from my last area. I had a mini panic attack and burst into tears. Pressing that button was a lot harder than I ever expected it to be. But I did. And I'm glad I did. I have loved reading through the teaching records of the investigators in this area. I am learning to love them too. 

One lady here who has been taught for a long time just recently lost her husband in a motorcycle accident a couple weeks ago, leaving her with 2 kids under 8. Her husband wanted to be baptized but she didn't. The accident completely changed her and she has grown an extremely strong testimony of the plan of salvation. She now is preparing to be baptized on her husbands birthday this month and plans to take his work to the temple for him to be baptized and sealed to her. She is incredible.
THIS Church is true! Kay?!
Yesterday I met another lady and her 2 kids. She is CRAZY! And I LOVE her! Haha I could have sat and listened to her for hours. I could hardly track her thought process, but I enjoyed every moment of it. She has a little girl and a  little boy and her little boy is blind from having brain cancer twice. I LOVE her kids. They are the sweetest little kids. Her son and I have a new special hand shake that he taught me. as we were driving away I watched him go for a walk around the block with his little stick. It was so fascinating to me. He flew down the street all by himself with no help. I love him!

I keep seeing chubby kids around here, and I've decided that I think chubby kids are SO cute!
Nuff said. 

Sister Carter

PS. I just realized I never got a picture with our 6'9 investigator in Davis. He was so tall! Oh well, One day. 

Here is a few of my last moments in beloved Davis!

My very own Greene!!

One Last Goodbye

Turning the Keyes over to my Greene!!

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