Sunday, August 24, 2014

Hiking on the coast and loving a dying friend

Last P-day the zone drove out to Patrick's Point. It was BEAUTIFUL! I felt like I was home. I LOVE hiking. Especially on the coast. I felt like I was in heaven. I got to be me for a few hours and soak up the coastal heaven, then go back to work being the other me, a missionary. 

Sister Van Wie (my trainer) sent me the sweetest letter last Monday. It said not to read it until August 6th, so I had to wait a few days to open it and when I did I about cried. I forgot that August 6th was my first full day as a missionary in the mission field, and it was the day she and I became companions. I was so full of hopes and dreams and fears and worries. That was such a scary but exciting time. As I have looked forward to the last 6 month of my mission I have so many new hopes, dreams, fears and worries. One thing I know for sure, the time spent is most fulfilling when it is consecrated to the Lord. Today Sister Buckner and I are going to write down all of the things we love that are not gospel related onto a piece of paper, and then we are going to burn them. Not that I can't even have those things that I love again, but now is not the time nor the place. The law of consecration is a hard one. VERY hard.

We have an investigator who is Dying. His name is Ernest. I love this man so much. We had a great lesson with him about the restoration and invited him to come to church with us the following Sunday. He was completely committed to coming, and we thought for sure he would. Then Sunday came along and he never showed up. I was so sad. This week we stopped over at his house to touch base with him again and to find out why he didn't come to church. He said that he received a phone call from his doctor with bad news that Saturday involving his heart. He doesn't know for sure, he actually finds out today, but he doesn't think he has much longer to live. Poor Ernest went into the depths of depression and was completely unable to make it to church. When we found him this week we were able to testify of the plan of Salvation to him and set up an appointment to teach him about it. My heart broke as I looked into his despairing eyes. Finally we had the lesson with him and he ate it all up. His big fear is if he has fulfilled his purpose in life. this coming week we get to teach him about the gospel of Jesus Christ. I can't wait. I love Ernest so much. He is the sweetest man. I also love the Plan of Salvation. It is incredible. I am eager to find out the news that he has for us.

Sister Buckner and I have started a nightly 1 minute long vlog. For a minute we record a video of ourselves sharing all of the highlights of the day, it's fun.

Lai, our recent convert is on fire with the gospel. She does family home evening every Monday night, and lives the gospel in every way. We have started teaching one of her friends in her home. Her friend has said that she loves being in Lai's home because of the feeling that is there. What she is feeling is the spirit. Lai's home is a place where the gospel is in action. it is SO COOL! She is so inspiring. 

Sister Buckner's family tradition drink Its called a "George Randall" Mmmm good!

It was a great week.

Sister Carter

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