Monday, November 17, 2014

Being a Sister Trainer Leader with a best Friend!

Hey fam jam and friends!
I LOVE my new companion. We get along so well. It is so fun being an STL with her. It's like being with a best friend all the time. She is awesome. She has been out for almost 9 months. I am learning so much from her! She is so humble and so stalwart! This whole STL thing is a little bit scary and and very intimidating, but I'm grateful to have her doing it with me.
We live in a new apartment now which is an exciting adventure. We have 3 bathrooms too. What more could a sister missionary want? One of them was so disgusting though! Since we moved in I have avoided using it as much as possible! Today I scrubbed that thing to a pulp and now it sparkles. Now we have three sparkly bathrooms. What more could a sister missionary want? I have met and grown to love so many wonderful girls from around the globe. Being a missionary is such a blessing!
Not my new companion.. But a Sister Missionary I love!!

Since moving in we have killed 8 black widows. I have only ever seen those things on TV and I wish that was the only place I was ever going to see them. Turns out they love our house. We claim them as our pets... Even though they are all dead. We named them all Peve.

I turn 22 on Thursday! Weird.

I got accused of breaking a guitar string at a members house for dinner this week and then they called me a lair and made me cry... That was sad.

We picked up the most incredible family ever this week! I can't wait to go back and teach them!

This week was awesome!

Sister Carter

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