Monday, November 10, 2014

Transfers and new assignments

So many great things happened this week. I have been basking in the
spirit and having so many "wow" moments where I felt so blessed to be
a missionary. Lately my greatest joy of missionary work is seeing
blessings of the gospel pour into our investigators and recent
converts lives. So many moments my joy has been full. One of my
favorite moments was watching one investigator tell another
investigator at church that she was in the right place, that she was
welcome there, and that this church was going to change her life.
Everything is bringing me to tears these days.

Sister Harper is transferring to Davis, and my new companion will be
Sister Peterson. I've heard so much about her so I'm really excited.
We are also moving into a 4 man pad that all the missionaries call the
mansion, we are moving into a 2 bedroom house, and will be living next
door to my favorite senior missionary couple the Seeley's they have
been my Mission grandparents. I'm so excited. Sister Peterson and I
will both be STL's (sister training leaders) together, which should be
a lot of fun.

An older lady rode by us on her bicycle this week and glared, with a very mean look on her face and said, "you disgust me." That was nice.

Sorry, not much from me today. Love you lots
Sister Carter

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