Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Calluses on our knees!

Wow, what a week. Teaching people online is so inspired! I can't believe the miracles already. Friends at home, don't be offended if I decline your friend request. It is nothing against you, I am just trying to figure out my boundaries for myself since we are a pilot mission and have no guidelines. It is very overwhelming. To clear a few things up. There are lots of missions around the world with specific districts that have Ipads and do online work, but this is the first time that an ENTIRE mission has both. We are all learning a lot, and so is Salt Lake (the Missionary department). We have found some glitches in their area book app that they made for us. Missionaries of the future are going to be so blessed when they get to have Facebook and Ipad training... We are basically the guinea pigs and don't get any training. I suppose we will help create the future training as we work through the glitches and face issues.

Good news, you know how missionaries usually learn the language of those they are teaching? Well, my companion and I have seen incredible success in this. We taught an entire field of sheep the gospel this week... In their native tongue. We are also increasing in our ability to speak cat. Their biggest fears seam to be entering the waters of baptism. We are working on that. We have even committed our GPS Tammy to attend church and she has followed through every time. Our only problem is that she tends to sit in the parking lot instead of coming inside.

You know you are a sister missionary when you start getting calluses on your knees from kneeling so much. Sister Van Wie lotions her knees every day. It is really funny to watch. This week I have officially begun to see my missionary tan lines. -_- Joy. Brace yourselves, because when I get back I will be quite the sight to see.

It was Sister Van Wie's birthday this week. Her mom sent her the greatest package. We felt like we were 4 years old again. It was full of little mermaid birthday decorations, party hats, cups, plates, and cake making supplies. We had fun!
Our big joke this week was: "How old are you? 21? Oh, your one of those missionaries. Let me guess... Couldn't get married?" Haha! I'll be 21 pretty soon too.

Lots of miracles and blessings this week. I got to attend the baptism of a guy I'll call John. He is covered in tattoos all up and down his body. A lot of people I know here went to school with him and never expected him to ever join the church because of his life style. He bore his testimony at his baptism on Saturday and it was so powerful. He was radiating the light of Christ in his countenance. The atonement changes people. He is so happy. I was so touched by his testimony I cried.
Lots of tears this week. Miracles, blessings, and trials. I am grateful to be stretched and to be given challenges that help me to grow. It is not comfortable, but the Lord knows what he is doing. Seeing the gospel work is peoples lives is incredible.
I am so grateful that dad was able to give my sisters priesthood blessings before they went back to school this week. I would have died for one this week. But I was able to bare my testimony about the power of the priesthood in the family to a new convert who just married a Mormon and has a baby on the way. I was able to share with both of them the blessing of having a father who always lives worthy of the priesthood, and how much that was a blessing to me growing up.

I love you all so much!
Sister Carter

Oh so incredibly happy to have fresh grown tomatoes!!

Missionary Service day

Ready and willing to fly to the ends of the earth!

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