Monday, September 16, 2013

Missionaries make the best detectives

Did I ever mention that my companion is from Scranton Pennsylvania? As in, the Dunder Miflin Scranton from "The Office". That's just my little claim to fame for the week. Mom and Dad you probably have no idea what I'm talking about, but Cheyenne (My Sister) you would definitely know what I'm talking about.

Happy late birthday to my most favorite African sister ever!! Nyajuok, if you are reading this, I love you!

I went to Cloverdale on exchanges this week. Cloverdale is a very interesting town. Emphasis on interesting. Downtown Cloverdale feels like its only about a block long, and there is "art" everywhere, or at least pieces of metal slapped together into what they call art. Who knew that a bunch of pieces of scrap metal could make me an artist?! I've been an artist all along!! It is literally everywhere. Some of it isn't just metal though, in fact their most prominent piece is of a giant squatting naked green lady. Oh and my personal favorite was the ceramic pear in the middle of the sidewalk... Interesting.
We met some very interesting people too. As a missionary It is so funny how as soon as we put on our missionary name tags, we are suddenly free walking psychiatrists. They see that name tag and instantly feel comfortable sobbing their whole life's story to us. But not to complain actually because I love it! I get to meet some of the neatest people, and hear some of the neatest stories. I love getting to see people turn to the Lord through hard times, and hard times that I never would have gotten the privilege of knowing if I wasn't a missionary. Cloverdale is a tiny little ward, but so cute! One of the members told me that after my mission I need to go home, get married, have a bunch of kids, and come back to Cloverdale where they will have an entire bench in the chapel ready and waiting for me and my family to fill up. I thought that was super cute.

So I am inevitably a target of embarrassment here is Santa Rosa. I'm blond, green (term to describe a brand new missionary), and I'm from Canada. SO basically I'm hopeless. My favorite moment this week was when Sister Van Wie and I were introducing ourselves to a part member family. The husband is a devout catholic and barely speaks English. He asked for my name and instantly I answered,  "Malia!" Oops. Greenie mistake. I have done that SO MANY TIMES!! But the best part about this time in particular is that there was no redeeming myself. Because he barely speaks English, trying to correct myself was fruitless. I tried to correct myself by saying "Oh I mean Sister Carter" but it was hopeless. It stuck. It is hilarious, he answers the door loudly exclaiming "MALIA!", and when I am leaving he yells, "BYE MALIA!" No matter how many times I try to correct him by pointing to my name tag, it doesn't work. So MALIA I will stay.

Trying to contact potential or former investigators is always entertaining. There are so many Hispanics, and they always come up with the best excuses! "Sorry I don't speak English", and then we proceed to have a full on conversation with them. Once we knocked on a part member family's home and the Man who came to the door said "sorry I don't speak English" and then the next time we saw him he was speaking perfectly fluent English. My personal favorite excuse is when we knock on the door asking if so-and-so is there, and the little kid at the front door rehearses, "Sorry he/she is in Mexico" and we can literally see the person we are looking for sitting on the couch in the background. Missionaries make the best detectives!

We had one very memorable experience this week. We were looking for a couple I'll call Paul and Patricia. When we get to the front door, I was kind of off to the side. I thought to myself I should probably move closer to the front door so I can actually see the person when they open up. But I ignored that thought. Peter answered, and my poor companion got a great big eye full of a tall, old, naked German man.  We also had a member with us. Both of fortunately did not see anything. He exclaimed, "oh I need to go put some cloths on" -_- and shut the door. We assured the member who was with us that this was not a regular occurrence.

Anyway I need to get going. I love you all very much!

Sister Carter

Our Visit to the Oakland Temple.. such a beautiful place!

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