Monday, October 21, 2013

Pranks and Promptings

An armload of puppies!!

You know you are a missionary when you end a phone call with "amen" instead of "goodbye." Oops.

Sister Van Wie is hilarious! This week we were driving when all of a sudden she took off her shoes and socks, child locked all the windows, and turned on the heat to full blast! She loves to torture me. It reminded me of all those wonderful times torturing my little sisters. Never have I ever been on the receiving end of it though, so I think I am beginning to understand how it feels. To my four sisters: no need for pay back, I am getting it now. Actually is has been so fun. We have our little wars back and forth. We were getting ready for bed one night when Sister Van Wie started throwing bouncy balls at me. I grabbed them, turned off all the lights and tried to sneak up on her. Unfortunately one of them glowed in the dark and just when I was about to throw it at her my plan back fired. It's okay though, I get to serenade her with my Mormon tabernacle Choir solos in different accents. My personal favorite is the hick accent. I think next I shall try singing in whale.

There is always so much to write and I have so much I have to do on the computer before I can email, so I run out of time easily.
But this week was amazing. We saw some pretty incredible miracles. We met a guy I'll call Peter*  who was sitting on a curb looking pretty glum. We knew we needed to talk to him. We went to go park but were pretty sure he would be gone by the time we got there. This was an apartment complex with lots of doors, but we had a pretty good feeling as to what door he would be in.We were right. When he answered he said, "why is it that every time I am at my lowest point the 'mormons' find me?" He then said, "alright what do I need to do to join your church?" We had a lesson with him right there and then. We also had a family home evening with Jennifer, and another investigator Janna* at our stake presidents home with his family. It was so powerful for them to see a family in the gospel and how the gospel can bless their families lives.

Some of you may be confused why I started adding friends and family on Facebook. I have been allowed to all along but I have been trying to figure out what would be best in doing my own personal online proselyting. It is difficult being a pilot mission because no one tells you how to do anything, we have to figure it out ourselves. We have been starting to get a little bit of training here and there, but it is still lots of our own figuring out. I have to do a lot of praying to get some spiritual guidance as I go about my online work. It took me a little while to finally accept friend requests from home, and now I am going out of my way to add them because I realized I need your help. You can be a huge tool in my online work. When you see that I have posted something, 'like' it. Better yet, 'share' it. I can only reach so many people, but as soon as one of you shares one of my posts, suddenly I have reached double the amount of people. Choose a post and share it. There are baptisms, and lessons happening all over the world now from our mission because Facebook friends are starting to catch the vision too. We need your help.

Moment of the week:
So, as missionaries we loose all concept of time, as well as have absolutely no clue what is going on in the world except for what we hear from members at dinner appointments. Last Monday we went to the post office to mail off a book of Mormon to a girl in Calgary. When we got there it was closed. We asked a lady who also needed to go to the post office why it was closed and she didn't know... Sister Van Wie and I walked away in a bit of a panic saying, "Oh no, what is the world coming to?! The government is shutting down!" (We had heard rumblings of such a situation and didn't really know what was going on) We then went to the grocery store to get everything we needed for the week, and ran into that same lady. She said, "Hey I know why the post office was closed, it's Columbus Day!" We got a good laugh at the hilarity of our jumping to the worst possible conclusion, instead of using our brains and noticing what time of the year it was. Oh the life of a missionary.

Love you all.
Sister Carter

PS. Pretty sure this week we tracted into Thor. We weren't sure though because he didn't have his hammer and goofy outfit.

(due to the nature of the internet names have been changed to protect privacy)

Having fun encouraging our investigators!

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