Monday, October 7, 2013

The unimportant silly little things

DID YOU ALL GET TO WATCH GENERAL CONFERENCE THIS WEEKEND?! SOOOO AWESOME! If you didn't watch Elder Ballard's talk, watch it! And if you did, watch it again! Did you notice all of the emphasis put on member missionary work? As a missionary we value the members and their contribution so much! We are really just here to facilitate learning, but the wards that see the baptisms are the wards where the members are involved in the missionary work. They are the ones who do the fellowshipping, and the ones who know the people in the area.

 So much of our time is wasted on trying to find people to teach when the members actually know people for us to teach. My dream is to be able to fill my time with teaching lessons, instead of finding people, because teaching lessons is where the magic starts. You member missionaries have no idea how valuable you are in the Lords work of salvation. All too often people think that missionary work is only for the missionaries, but it is SO not! I challenge anyone reading this to take the council from Elder Ballard and kneel down in prayer sometime this week and ask sincerely for the Lord to help you find opportunities to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There is no greater joy that comes than by inviting others to taste of the fruit of the tree of life.

(Continued from last weeks posting)
So before I continue on with how amazing Julie is (For the record, all of the people we are teaching are amazing), I have to tell you a little more back ground information on the process of finding her.

Satan does NOT like missionary work. That is FOR SURE! One of his favorite tactics is finding silly ways to put contention between a companionship. It is a sure way of severing any spiritual unity that a companionship has.
A few weeks back the adversary was really working on us. Out of no where I was suddenly starting to feel annoyed with my companion for the silliest little things. I found myself so tempted to be judgmental and critical of her. It was a real struggle to keep the spirit constant. I finally knelt down in prayer a couple mornings into it and pored myself into prayer. I prayed so hard that I would be able to see her as the Lord sees her. That I would be full of love for her, and that I would stop getting caught up in such unimportant silly little things. I suddenly felt an overwhelming amount of love for her, and the temptation to judge her was over come with the desire to serve her. I then got a very distinct impression that Satan was trying to put contention between us because we were about to meet some very special people. I knew that if he was able to succeed in destroying our unity that he would accomplish his design to deny those special people of the gospel of Jesus Christ, of the healing powers of their Savior's love, and the chance for them to realize their true potential in this life and in the life to come. It was a powerful feeling, and I was determined that Satan was not going to win! That day we met 2 of those people! And the next few days we met 2 more! Jennifer was one of them.
I am out of time again, so I will continue next time. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is so powerful. Prayer is so powerful! Missionary work is so powerful! I am so grateful for the opportunity to share that with others.

Moment of the week:
Sister Van Wie and I walked into the convenience store at a gas station to pick up some tic tacs for Julie (she is trying to quit smoking).
When it was our turn to pay the lady at the cash register looked at me, then looked at my tag, then looked at me again, then burst out so loud that every one could hear say, "ARE YOU A NUN?!" Sister Van Wie and I laughed so hard! We assured her we weren't nuns and explained to her who we actually were. The best part about it is that I accidentally pocket dialed the elders, so they got to hear the whole thing. So great!

For those that would rather sent letters to the mission office than to the address I posted last week here is the address:

Sister Malia Carter
California Santa Rosa Mission
5301 Badger Rd
Santa Rosa CA

**Don't forget my first name since there are now 2 Sister Carters. Apparently this mission collects them.

Yours truly,

Sister Carter

P.S. Keep being patient with me while I try to write everyone back. I don't get much time to write letters, but I will do my best today.

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