Monday, October 28, 2013

Super Feast

Transfers are here yet again. I will have a new companion named Sister Becker in a few days. I am excited.

I didn't take any notes on this week, and those who know me k now that I have a TERRIBLE memory. But I did take a lot of pictures. So I'll explain them for you.

SUPER FEAST: Every Tuesday our zone has what is known as super feast. It is a scary combination of foods from cans created by Elders, and is surprisingly good. I decided to make a beautiful Canadian banner for it but all of the Americans weren't having it, so they slowly one by one tainted it with all of their American flags and other stuff. This picture only shows the first of the Canada-US rivalry.
Elder Bettridge (my district leader) and Elder Cullimore are the masterminds behind the super feast. 

One of the concoctions... hmmm interesting to say the least.

THE DISTRICT: This was the last time our district would be together before transfers so we decided to take some corny grad photos. Notice the fake rock that our fearless district leader is sitting on. I think it adds a nice touch.
We also had to get some pictures with the elders that we pull pranks on all the time. They are pretty funny. 
Our District

Goofy Elders.. 

The Elders we torment..

WONDERBARS: Courtesy of my wonderful grandpa for sending me a ginormous pile of wonderbars (I might be spelling this wrong) to give to people. I am slowly but surely convincing everyone that there is no other chocolate bar that is greater.

PARROTS: One of the members in our ward has a bajillion parrots. They have chickens too. I tried to get the chicken to sit on my arm like the parrots but unfortunately chickens don't quite comprehend the same as parrots do.
My companion is SO AFRAID OF BIRDS. It's so funny. The best was when she couldn't move because a chicken walked up to her. You never know, it might have had rabies or something. better safe than sorry. 

SERVICE: for the record that Elder (Elder Cluff) doesn't actually have his arm around Sis. Van Wie.
We went to a food bank this week and got to do service... They had a huge scale there that people were weighing themselves onAAAAAAAND lets just say I may have gained a few pounds.... :(

TRUNK-OR-TREAT: Sister Van Wie and I dressed up a traditional (FRUMPY) sister missionaries, from the early 1990's, and the Elders dressed up as men in black. We had so much fun. We got to judge the chili cook off too. Yummmmm.

MAC AND CHEESE: Mom and Daria, you will be happy to know that your Organic Auntie Annies mac and cheese came into good use this week. we were running out of the apartment and I forgot to pack a lunch, so I grabbed a pot, and the mac-and-cheese that you sent, and called it a feast.

BAPTISM: This Little princess got baptized. Her and her family invited SO MANY PEOPLE. I love member missionary work, it is so important. Sister Van Wie and I were able to do the missionary moment where we invite all those who have not yet been baptized to learn more about the gospel and prepare themselves to be baptized. It was so powerful. The spirit was incredibly strong!

PILLOW PRANK: The Elders had Sister Van Wie's journal that all the missionaries sign. They forgot to bring it to us so they just gave us their key so we could get it ourselves. Bad move... They had very cold pillows to sleep on that night.

                                                 Just one last little something for fun!

Well once again, I love you all.

Sister Carter

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