Monday, December 9, 2013

Peanuts and Transfers

Transfers are like the reaping from the Hunger Games. ANXIETY MUCH!
It's official, I am finally leaving my greenie area. WAAAA!!! I love Windsor! I love my companion! I love my area! I love the ward! I love the investigators! I love the missionaries I serve with! I love my stake! I love being so close to the mission home! I love the people who give me weird looks and slam the door in my face... I even love my freezing cold apartment...
That's okay, I'm over it. I'm excited for a change. Change = Growth = Happy Sister Carter!

I am getting transferred to the college town of Davis. I will be in a trio with Sister Eisert, and my MTC companion Sister Beach, serving in a singles ward. It is just barely west of Sacramento, on the outskirts of the mission boundaries.

Last P-day we went to the Peanuts museum. Charles Schultz grew up here in Santa Rosa which explains why I see Ceramic Snoopys and Charley Browns all over the place. The museum was so fun! I went crazy on cheap post cards to send people. Don't be surprised if you get one in the mail sometime in the next few months.

I have been having some amazing experiences with my scripture study lately. A lot of people I have been teaching have had a lot of doubts about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Their doubts about Joseph Smith, about the Book of Mormon, the restoration, the commandments, the temple.. etc. Even though it makes me sad when people doubt, I am so grateful for the doubts of others because it has given me the opportunity to search my own testimony of these things. The answer is READ THE BOOK OF MORMON! Study the scriptures. But don't just read to read, search! Study! And Pray! I don't know how I could possibly doubt something that has brought me such immeasurable joy and happiness. I love the advice of Elder Uchtdorf "Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith." But it is okay to doubt and question, as long as you don't run and hid from them. Face them with the help of heavenly tools. Questions give us the opportunity to grow.
I felt like I feasted on the New Testament and Book of Mormon this last week. The spirit taught me so much as I read and prayed about what I was reading. I testify in the name of Jesus Christ that the Book of Mormon is in fact the word of God. Through it, we can come to know that Joseph Smith was in fact the prophet of the restoration, and that Jesus is the Christ.

Christmas is coming up. that means family Skype call is coming up! YAY! I will let you know more of the details as time gets closer.

Well I am a human shaped ice cube right now. it is probably warmer outside than it is inside. So I am going to head pretty soon. Forgive me for such a short email this week.

Sad news:
Getting phone calls from President or Sister Alba has a tendency to give you anxiety. Either they are putting you into a leadership position or they have bad news. Today we got a phone call from President Alba. Sister Becker's Grandma Passed away this morning. If you need someone to pray for today, pray for her... this is a hard day for her.
PLEASE don't give president Alba a reason to call us. Both of my companions have dealt with a lot of death and/or family members in the hospital. Mom, Dad, could you please just do me a favor and not die. I would really appreciate it. Thanks.
I love you all,
Sister Carter
P.S. Only send mail now to the mission office:

Sister Malia Carter
5301 Badger Rd
Santa Rosa CA

This week Malia Monopolized the Super Feast Board notice all the Canadian Flags

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