Monday, December 2, 2013

Why walk when you can roll to your next appointment?

If anyone doubted that 2 thanksgiving dinners back to back was possible, think again. I endured it well. There were moments that I would have preferred to roll than walk, but I toughed it out.
First dinner was at President and Sister Alba's house. They had 2 zones over. LOTS of missionaries.
The second dinner was at the Snyder's. The same family that had us for my birthday. We got to officially break out the Christmas songs too! no more waiting. YIPPY!!! I LOVE CHRISTMAS!
Sister Becker and I are probably going to hit some thrift stores today to see if we can find us a ghetto Christmas tree.  Yay Christmas.
DAIRY FREE EGGNOG TRULY EXISTS! And it doesn't taste as freaky as it sounds either. Believe it or not is tastes great! There is nothing quite like warm pajamas, a cup of egg nog, and a space heater to help me pretend it's not freezing cold in our apartment at the end of the day. Heavenly Father probably thinks he is hilarious for putting a sister who LOVES the heat and a sister who LOVES the cold together. The best is when the car windows are rolled down with the heat blowing at full blast.

I really hope we stay together. We are actually really great together. But I have a big feeling I will be getting transferred. All the district and zone leaders keep telling me I will. But I LOVE Windsor. Waaaaaa.
Sister Becker and I demanded that Elder Bettridge (our district leader) tell president Alba in his weekly email that he should keep Sister Becker and I together. He laughed at me and said "haha, that's funny." I looked at him in the eyes, and said, "Elder Bettridge, you WILL send that email to president Alba." "He smirked and said "Hah, we will see." As he was walking away he called out "Women! This is what happens when you get married." I called back, "You better believe it Elder Bettridge!!"
We have a lot of fun with the missionaries.

Did I ever mention that the mission has a blog?... Oops if I didn't. Not sure what you would have to look up to find it, just Google Santa Rosa California Mission Blog or something. When you find the blog and scroll forever you might see me as a fresh greenie coming off the plane.

We had an incredible bunch of lessons this week. By the way, Facebook is coming along. Slowly but surely, it is coming along. It is hard work piloting, and takes a lot of faith. Together Sister Becker and I taught 6 online lessons in a total of 5 hours Though. We are getting better. It is a work in progress. The amazing thing is that I get to take my online investigators with me throughout my entire mission. When transfers come, they transfer with me. :)

In Windsor we taught a family that I love. They are a part member family. Sister Becker and I got there expecting to only teach the mom, but instead we invited the whole family including extended family who was there for thanksgiving to sit in on the lesson and we taught them all. There is nothing more powerful than teaching a whole family. A goal I have is to see an entire family on my mission enter the waters of baptism. As I was surrounded by this beautiful family the thoughts of my own family overwhelmed me. I could almost cry to realize the incredible blessings that my family gets to enjoy through the gospel of Jesus Christ. I had the strongest desire to see this family partake of those same blessings. Sister Becker and I got to share our testimonies of the Book of Mormon and how it can bind their family just as it has ours. The spirit was powerful in that home.  At the end of the lesson they all miraculously committed to read the Book of Mormon as a family together before they all went back home after thanksgiving.
We floated out of that lesson.
Making taking this down super difficult! Ha ha hee hee!

If you notice one of those pictures is of Sister Becker and I with one of our flyers that we posted. This one in particular gets pulled down all the time. Sister Becker and I decided that whoever kept taking it down was going to have to struggle. We taped that flyer so much it would have taken forever to get it off. Sure enough after 2 days it was gone, but we were satisfied to know that they had to struggle to get it!

Moment of the week:
While driving
Sister Becker "Umm what is that crossing the road up ahead?"
Me "I don't know, let's get closer.
Sister Becker "are those turkeys?!"
Me "Yes Sister Becker, I do believe we are witnessing a family of wild turkeys crossing the road."

1. Those were some gutsy turkeys to be out in broad day light during the thanksgiving season.
2. WILD TURKEYS! Hilarious!

Love you all,
Sister Carter

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