Monday, December 2, 2013

They Say it's my Birthday!!

Hola Familia!!

That's about the extent of my Spanish. And it is so annoying! We contact so many Hispanics here, I wish I could speak Spanish so bad. Curse my laziness! I had so many opportunities to learn before my mission, but I never took them!


I have officially become "one of THOSE sister missionaries!" I got a wonderful video from Sister Van Wie with her and her companions (she is in a trio) welcoming me into the world of "THOSE sister missionaries" Then I got a letter in the mail from her saying "Happy Birthday! Oh wait, your 21? Ouch, let me guess, couldn't get married?" Oh man she kills me! Don't worry, it is a joke between us. We think the stereotype of 21 year old sister missionaries is hilarious, especially since that is SO NOT why we decided to serve missions. We both waited so long! At BYU-I we would both avoid people asking us on dates because we were so set and focused on going on missions.
Homemade Naniamo Bars straight from home for my Birthday!!

Anyway, I had a fantastic birthday. One of my favorite families in the Ward fed me a special dairy free meal. They got after me for not telling them I had a dairy sensitivity... So they made a meal especially that I could eat without feeling sick after.

We also gained two new investigators on my birthday. Both were incredible miracles. Monika and Michelle. Both are amazing stories. With Monika we found her in a park, began teaching her and discovered she is homeless and going through some very horrible trials right now. With Michelle I have been led to her so many times, I just keep forgetting about her, while I was with sister Van Wie and now with Sister Becker. Luckily Heavenly Father keeps leading us back to her.  When we found Michelle this time she shut us right down. She told us she wasn't interested and that we should move on. I felt prompted to share with her a specific scripture from the Book of Mormon. So I told her "okay, but before we go may we share with you a scripture? Then we will be on our way." She accepted. Somehow and for some reason it sparked something. After we read it she invited us into her home where we shared with her more about the Book of Mormon and the restoration. She asked us to add her on Facebook, and text her so that we could set up another appointment. Yay miracles!

The next day I got to go to the temple!! I love the temple so much! This was my third time ever going through an endowment session and I learned so much! The spirit can teach us so much in the temple. I literally felt like I was on the edge of my seat soaking up the whole thing. That may have also been because I was doing the work for one of my ancestors. I was paying extra special attention to EVERYTHING! I did the Work for Emily Dalzell, My Great great great grandmother, It was actually her birthday that day. She turned 160 years old the day she got her endowment done.

 Some of the Beautiful Woman that I serve with!
My companion Sister Becker and I!! LOVE this GIRL!!

I got a few new MoTab (Mormon Tabernacle Choir) CD's. Sister Becker and I have been loving life. It is so frustrating that thanksgiving hasn't happened yet. I want to put the Christmas CD in so bad, but Sister Becker won't let me! American thanksgiving... Sheesh. 

New discovery! You can turn the car heat vents into a blow dryer! My life is set! Poor Sister Becker. The things she puts up with.

Moment of the week:
Sister Becker and I really want to stay together for another transfer. One morning this week we were kneeling down for our usual companion study prayer. Sister Becker prayed. She gave a beautiful prayer, but right before she ended she said, "oh, and Heavenly Father, FYI, we really really really want to stay together. Just so ya know, thanks."
I had a good chuckle.

Sister Carter
My Birthday Box from Home!

Now I can cook without getting stuff on me!

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