Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Week of Service

Greenies are my FAVORITE! I love them! And I also love that I am not one anymore! They bring a freshness to the field. We only got 1 new one in our zone. Sister Buckner and I keep having to refrain from giving him a great big hug and telling him its all going to be okay, and mothering him to death. Sometimes when we get new greenies they look like scared little dogs in the corner of the room with their tails between their legs. They are precious! Those first few days and weeks are terrifying! But also awesome. The new greenies name is Elder Coursey from Southern Kentucky and hack a wicked accent! We made him cookies with "Welcome to Eureka" written on them in green, and got into their apartment and decorated his desk with green sticky notes.

I gave another talk yesterday. This time I didn't get to choose the topic which I am grateful for because the bishop gave me a topic that was completely inspired. I REALLY needed it. It's funny how the Lord answered my prayer by telling the bishop to give me the assignment to speak in sacrament meeting that was supposed to go to a member of the ward. Thanks Heavenly Father, your funny. He gave me an answer by putting me to work.

We did TONS of service this week! One lady that we have no idea who she was called us and demanded us to help her move the next morning -_-  It was the day of transfers too so most of the missionaries up here were down in Santa Rosa. We managed to round up some missionaries to help her move though and got her out of her apartment in time. I love doing work like that, and I love helping people, but I don't love when they demand it of us. There is a good way to ask for help, and a not-so-good way to ask for help and she nailed the not-so-good. But when you serve you just can't help but love those you serve. So glad we were able to help!

The forest that we go exercising every morning in right beside a zoo, so whenever we are there it feels like we are in Jurassic park and are going to get swooped up by a pterodactyl. Just thought someone might appreciate that piece of information.

We also did a lot of house cleaning, and on Saturday Sister Buckner and I decided to go try out service tracting! it was awesome! After a lot of declines we met one elderly lady who needed help weeding in her back yard. But she would NOT allow us to help her unless she paid us. Finally we convinced her that all we needed was a root beer and we would be happy. :) It worked! We got our root beers and went to work. I loved talking to her, she told us all about her sad experiences in her life but she has been SO positive about everything. Her husband left her and her children after 63 years of marriage for another woman. She is very lonely, but very positive about life. I was inspired by the light that she has within her. She invited us to come back to teach her about the gospel. YAY SERVICE!
One of my Sisters best friends who is serving in France... Just thought I'd liven up his day. Wish I was there to see the look on his face!

Moment of the week: One of our investigators invited us over to dinner. Well we got there, and dinner wasn't made and she was a bit overwhelmed, so Sister Buckner and I helped her out by grabbing all of the ingredients and compiling it into what we called a macaroni casserole! That was my first time making a casserole and it even tasted good! Go team!

Sister Carter

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