Sunday, July 6, 2014

A beautiful Baptism

She did it! Next step, the temple! I am so excited for her!
It was the perfect 11 month mark gift.
The day before her baptism we met at her home to go over a few things with her. Before leaving, we closed with a prayer. As we prayed I felt the most beautiful peaceful warm feeling wash over me. The spirit touched my heart so strongly. After finishing the prayer Sister Buckner had a smile on her face, and Lai said, "Wow, I have never felt the spirit that strong ever before!" It was so wonderful that we were all able to share that experience together. Heavenly father sure loves Lai.

Trying to take a picture a preschooler!! lol

Almost there

YAY we did it!! Such a beautiful little family!!

At the baptism Sister Buckner and I got to do the missionary moment. In our mission we always have a missionary moment while we wait for those that got baptized to dry off and get changed. During the moment we share about the Saviors earthly ministry and atonement, the great apostasy, and the restoration. Then we invite all who have not already been baptized to learn more about the restored gospel and to be baptized. It can be a very powerful moment. Most of the people who came had small children and they were all very loud throughout almost the whole meeting. Finally we got up to speak and as soon as we did, the children were all quiet. There was a noticeable feeling as we testified. As soon as we finished, the noise started up again. It was a miracle.

We had another beautiful experience with the spirit as we taught one of our less active members. As we shared with her a message about the Book of Mormon, she was beaming the whole time. We promised her that the spirit would come into her life in great abundance as she begins to read the Book of Mormon. She smiled and said, "I already feel it now. I feel it in my heart." The feelings of the Holy Ghost are so special. I will treasure those moments forever.

This week was full of all sorts of interesting moments to say the least, but also lost of great moments:

-The Elders got a hold of my iPad. When I finally got it back the next day it was FULL of pictures of them with the American flag, and all sorts of videos of the national anthem and them singing in their car. Here are just a few of the lovely pictures left for my viewing pleasure after I got my Ipad back.

-In district meeting I tried to get everyone to sing "Oh Canada" but they all rebelled, pulled out their American Flag and sang their anthem instead.

I'll never win in this Country.... one little ole Canadian girl amongst all these patriots.

-Brother and Sister Witte are two of my favorite members in the ward here. Sister Witte always seams to have perfect timing on when I need a pick-me-up without her ever knowing it either. She fed us three times this week and one of those times she hijacked us without us knowing where we were going, took us over to HSU (Humboldt State University), gave us a tour of the campus, and drove us through all the back roads where she grew up and a child. It was so fun! The campus is GORGEOUS! People joke about HSU standing for Hills, Stairs, and Umbrellas... Well it's true! I swear the university is planted on the side of a mountain. But it is beautiful!

-The Elders set an alarm for 2:00 Am on my iPad, and then 3:30 AM on our phone without us knowing until they went off... Lets just say they are going to die.

-We picked up a new investigator who has all sorts of sketchy experiences with religion. I hope we are able to help bring peace to their life.

-While running through Sequoia Park there were TONS of ripe berries that we feasted on. Our morning exercise was maybe a little bit counter productive. Then Sister Buckner noticed a little pathway that lead us down a small set of rustic stairs and onto a cute little bridge that over looked a small waterfall. I felt like I was in fairy land.

Moment of the Week:
Last P-day Sister Whiteley told me she would pay me 5 bucks if I wrote her brother a letter for her so that she wouldn't have to do it. I was ALL for it!

Sister Carter


  1. Hahaha I got a good laugh at the letter! I see you have resorted to the American spellings of favorite! ;)

  2. hahaha! I love the pranks! Those elders and the letter really made me laugh!