Monday, February 10, 2014

Dumplings and Broken Hearts

This week we discovered a new game, it is called "what are the odds?" It is highly entertaining for everyone except those that don't have the odds in their favor. Basically, Someone asks you a question such as "what are the odds you will cook me lunch today?" That person who got asked then chooses a number between 1 and 18 such at 6. Somebody then counts down "3, 2, 1" and the two people call out a number between 1 and (in this case) 6. If both people say the same number then the person who had the question asked to them originally has to (in this case) make the other person lunch.
Hermana Whitney LOVES this game. She has a skirt that we call The District 1 skirt. The District is a series of episodes that glance into the lives of real life missionaries. There is The District 1, and The District 2 (you can find these on It is hilarious to see the evolution of what sister missionaries are or are not allowed to wear. The district 1 takes place in the early 2000's when sister missionary style was very strict and pretty frumpy. Whenever we are having a bad hair day, or bad outfit day we call it a district 1 hair day, or a district 1 outfit...
So, on Thursday night I heard Hermana Whitney call out from her bedroom, "Hey Sister Carter, what are the odds you will wear my district 1 skirt tomorrow?" I called back, "18!" thinking there was no way I would have to to wear that skirt if I chose a high number. Sister Eisert counted down for us and we both yelled out "14!" Everyone laughed at me so hard! I have no pictures of it, but Friday was definitely a district 1 day!

This week our English class threw a Chinese New Year party! It was so fun! I am now a Chinese dumpling making pro!

Mastering the art of Chinese Dumplings

Our English Class making the dumplings

What a fantastic meal!

My heart BROKE yesterday. I have been serving in 2 wards. the Davis 2nd Ward and the Elmwood YSA Ward. Yesterday we had Ward conference combined with Davis First ward and Davis 2nd ward. The stake president got up and announced that the two wards would be combining into the Davis Ward. I felt like my heart had been ripped right out! This meant that we wouldn't be needed in the Davis ward anymore because they already have 2 sets of Elders, so we will only be serving in the YSA now. It was like getting transfers without knowing transfers were even coming. We had no warning ahead of time or anything (nor did any of the ward members). One moment we were missionaries of the Davis Ward, and the next moment we weren't. This means that all of our investigators will get transferred to the elders. I know the Elders are great missionaries, but my heart was so broken. I also couldn't believe that we would no longer have our incredible ward mission leader anymore, or any of our incredible ward members anymore. I had no idea how much I loved all of these people until they were taken right out from under my feet. I cried and cried that day. I had put my heart and soul into trying to build up their ward, and suddenly it was gone without warning. We finally got to talk to the stake president and president Alba about what we would do and I felt an overwhelming peace that the Lord was going to take care of our investigators, and that this was going to help further the work of salvation for the Davis area. I am so grateful for the Spirit that is able to help me to see the bigger picture, and for the comfort that it brings me.
I love being a missionary. I love the people I serve, and the members of the ward I serve in. I love my area so much, and I am so grateful for that experience this week that helped me to see how much I truly did love the work I was doing. Our investigators are in good hands because they are in the Lords hands, not ours.

Moment of the week:
This conversation pretty much sums up our companionship to a tea.
During companionship inventory (which we do weekly) Sister Eisert said, "Sister Beach, if I were in jail I would call you to bail me out." But then she decided, "mmmm, no, never mind, you would probably just chastise me." So then she turned to me and said, "Sister Carter, if I were in jail I would call you to bail me out." But then immediately she changed her mind and said, "mmmm, never mind, you would probably be in jail with me." So then we turned back to Sister Beach and said, "Sister Beach, if we were in jail, would you bail us out?" She thought about it for a second and said, "Hmmmm, maybe after a stern finger waging I would."
Haha I love my companions. We have so much fun together. Companionship inventory is always so entertaining.
For the record, we don't plan on being in jail any time soon.

I love being a missionary!!! I never want it to end!!!

Sister Carter

I Love My Companions!!

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