Monday, February 3, 2014

Missionary Pay Day

 Last week I never mentioned the BEST part of Christmas! How could I have forgotten?! I got to skype my family!!! I got 45 minutes of pure joy. I love my family SO MUCH! Poor Sister Eisert has a brother out on a mission who got to skype her family for 2 hours while she only got 45 minutes. As much as I would have LOVED to skype longer I sure was grateful for that 45 minutes. I was a happy, giddy, blubbering mess. I felt like I was going to burst with happiness to see all of their faces, and to hear their voices. I was one of the best Christmas's I have ever had.

Good news! Sister Eisert and I almost converted a whole flock of wild turkeys. Sister Beach took an entertaining video of our efforts. Unfortunately they kept running away from us so we couldn't quite pop the baptism question, but we were so close! I guess I would probably run away too if a bunch of sister missionaries were chasing me down the street waving book of Mormons at me and trying to speak my language. Well for all it's worth we are getting really good at speaking turkey...

Sister Beach is the BEST! She lets us make her do all sorts of things for our entertainment. We have resorted to calling her the Lorax. We always walk by this tree stump and ask her to stand on it announcing "I speak for the trees!" And she does, happily! It never ceases to entertain us.

This week we had a SUPER AWESOME lesson with Patti. It was what you would call a missionaries PAY DAY. Actually we have had a lot of super awesome lessons with all sorts of different people, but she has been progressing the most. It is so neat to see the amount of love that Heavenly Father has for every single one of his children, and how incredibly aware he is of each of our needs. It's the coolest experience being an instrument in the Lords hands. but it can only happen when we are humble. Poor Patti is dealing with all sorts of new trials. We have been praying for her a lot lately. The other night we decided that we just needed to stop in to see her, but not teach her. So we did. As we visited with her and listened to her express the trials she is going through we felt very prompted to share with her the story about Esther from the Old Testament. Sister Eisert had a video about it downloaded on her iPad, so we showed her that too. It brought the spirit so strong. The next day was fast Sunday, and even though we had never taught her about fasting before we felt very prompted to teach her about fasting. The spirit guided that WHOLE lesson. The words that we spoke were NOT our own. The scriptures that came to our mind as we taught her were placed there by the Holy Ghost. It was an incredible lesson. She felt the Holy Ghost comfort her so much that night. She told us that she wanted to fast with us the next day, and would come to church for the first time. We walked out of her apartment speechless! We were so humbled by that experience and were so grateful that we were worthy to have the spirit with us so that she could be taught. Yesterday after church we sat in the chapel talking about the feelings that she was having there in the church. We talked about the testimonies that she heard. She loved them! One of the members who referred her to us sat with us and bore her testimony to her, bringing the spirit even more powerfully than it already was.
I know I say this all the time, but it is true: I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!

God is good!
Sister Carter

Oh yeah I forgot moment of the week...

Moment of the Week:
This week we got a text from one of our potential investigators saying, "Hey, when you come by, could you give me a lesson on cheating?"
Ummm... "What kind of cheating are we talking about?"
"the adultery kind."
We all looked at each other and laughed, "well this is going to be an interesting lesson." So we texted him back, "We will see what we can do."
Sadly the lesson fell through when he didn't show up to the appointment, which is pretty common as a missionary. It was too bad though, we had quite the lesson in store for him!

Ha ha Just kidding.. But I certainly felt like I ate that much!!

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