Monday, February 3, 2014

The Eternigator

This week I met a 3 legged cat named Luis... Sister Beach and Sister Eisert named it Luis... It was either that or Three Legged Cat, and we felt like it deserved more dignity than that.

TRANSFER DOCTRINE CAME, AND WE ARE ALL STAYING TOGETHER! I prayed so hard that we would all stay together. Heavenly Father answered my prayer! I am so spoiled. This transfer I will be hitting my 6 month mark!!! AHHH I don't want to hit my 6 month mark! TIME GOES BY SO FAST AS A MISSIONARY!

Fun fact:
Doorbell = Salvation Button

We saw some super awesome miracles this week. For example: We are teaching this one guy who has been an investigator for years. He has gone through 7 sets of missionaries, and has taken the discussions 3 times. We call him our eternigator. He called us up randomly one day, introduced himself, told us he hasn't met with the missionaries for over a year, and said he wanted to try it out again. We were so surprised! Our first lesson was so tough! It is hard to teach someone something that they have already learned 3 times over. We didn't want to do that so we mostly spent our time trying to discern what he really needed. He has read through the book of Mormon 3 times and says he has never felt the spirit before. He doesn't know if any of it is true, but he really has a desire to believe. It is heart breaking. The lesson was rough, but we felt prompted to see if he would be interested to read the Book of Mormon together. He accepted. Our next lesson was very simple, but very powerful. The spirit was clearly with us. He may not have felt it, but we as a companionship were definitely inspired as we read with him. We were so guided by the spirit in the things that we shared with him. We challenged him to read the Book of Mormon as if it were actually the word of god, and not just religious text. We challenged him to do a few other things and you could tell he left a little bit more enlightened, and inspired as to how he could come to know that the things we shared with him are true. It was cool, and very humbling.

I LOVE opposition! That might be weird to say but I DO! We have talked to so many people lately who have really challenged my faith. Without the opposition my testimony would not grow. I wouldn't have an opportunity to study harder to strengthen my faith if I just knew all of the answers to every question that investigators threw at me. Questions are humbling and empowering! Just because we don't know doesn't mean we can't know. Questions are opportunities to learn, and I love learning. I even love it when born again Christians throw Bible verses at me trying to prove their points. I have never been good at come backs. Ever. I would make an awful bible basher. But it is humbling because I get to simply bare my testimony of what I know to be true, go home, study up on the verses that they threw at me, and strengthen my testimony on what I know to be true.

This week I got asked out via text by one of our investigators... That was awkward...

We are teaching 2 best friends with the same name! It is hilarious! Both of their names are Andre. At church it was so entertaining to introduce them to the members, "This is Andre and Andre." Most of the time the members thought we were kidding.

Moment of the Week:
We were just about to have a Skype lesson with a guy in Colorado. I was having a moment of frustration and really felt like I needed to pray before starting the lesson, but he was already calling. At last second I threw my hands over my face, and said a super fast prayer out loud. I yelled amen, threw my hands in the air, looked at the screen and there was our investigator looking right at me... My face turned BRIGHT red, as he said "Well that was an interesting prayer!" I was SO embarrassed. Moral of the story, don't allow yourself to get frustrated... Embarrassing things happen.

XOXO... Minus the X's... Those aren't allowed as missionaries.

Sister Carter

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