Monday, June 9, 2014

Falling in Love with Eureka

If I come home fat, this is why:

More caramel and chocolate than apple.

Our apartment is on what we call the fight for fit program. We are getting VERY WELL fed here.

Here are some of the highlights of my week:

-Turns out, I love Eureka! I am beginning to fall in love with the investigators, the ward, and even the grungy little town that goes with it.

-Apparently we had more lessons this week that this area has seen in a long time. That was exciting.

-We started teaching a 90 year old man who is so cute I could probably crush him if I were to hug him.

-I gave a talk this Sunday in sacrament meeting on my current favorite topic: Missionary work. 

-A whole bunch of us missionaries got together for a monthly festival down town Eureka called "Arts Alive" and sang hymns among the other music and activities going on. around us. That was fun!
-We brought birthday cupcakes and a picture of Christ for our investigator Lai who is getting baptized this month on her husbands birthday.

Here are some of my not so highlights of the week:

-I got a nice warm welcoming from some guys driving by in their truck screaming, "GO HOME YOU UGLY W****." Wasn't that sweet?

- A member told me I was too intense in a lesson in front of the investigator because I invited the person to be baptized. That hurt... a lot... After the lesson I had a good cry. Sometimes members don't realize how prayerful we are about invitations like that. We take them very seriously. And we realize those individuals might not be ready to be baptized yet, but giving them something to work toward is important... The hardest part is that more than anything us missionaries want our members to trust us so they can help us. We need them. But it's okay now. I'm a big girl. 

-This is good and bad. The good news is that after last weeks email about no sun, the sun came out and it has been out since. The bad news is though the air is cold and often windy, the sun is feisty, and I have gotten burnt about 3 times over!

Love you all,
Sister Carter

Lai, our dear sweet Investigator who is getting baptized on her deceased husbands birthday cause he had wanted to join the church first.

Some more of the people I just Love!!

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