Monday, June 16, 2014

Old Friends and Innocent Criminals


This morning for studies It was my turn to choose which song to sing, and I chose "The Star Spangled Banner". I almost felt like I was an American. My companion loved it! Little does she know what I am choosing next... "Oh Canada."

LAI PASSED HER BAPTISMAL INTERVIEW AND IS GETTING BAPTIZED ON THE 24TH! I'm flipping out! This will be the first baptism that I have had some part in teaching, and actually get to be at. 

We had a half mission conference this week in Santa Rosa. The other half was the next day. We got to hear from Elder Falabella of the Seventy. and guess who I ran into?! ELDER PRINCE! I about flipped out of my mind... Seeing friends on my mission is the strangest experience! 

My dear ole friend Elder Bryson Prince!!


   I seem to have started a pranking war here... Hermana Whitely's bed got short sheeted. The elders got nesquik in their shower head, pillows in their freezer and switched desks. Then we found their car unlocked and sticky noted the inside of their car... I don't feel very safe anymore.
Hna Whitely switched the salt for sugar and I had some very sweet eggs for breakfast. The Elders also keep threatening us, and I am getting a little nervous.

One lesson I MUST tell you about. We went to go teach our 90 year old investigator and his niece happened to be there. She sat in on our lesson and nodded in agreement the entire time. Her face was so bright and happy, and there was a special feeling that we had about her. Finally we found out that she was an inactive member of the church who had been inactive for about 60 years. She left the church when she was a teenager due to drugs and other things but has long since been clean. As we talked to her the spirit was so strong with her. We finished the lesson on the Restoration and she told us that she knew it was all true. She said that she has been very lonely and has been praying for some friends. She told us that she knew we were an answer to her prayer. She asked us for a Book of Mormon and what time church was. She told us that she had a wonderful warm feeling in her heart and was so touched and knew what we told her was true... It was a miracle. The spirit makes all the difference. I felt so honored to be used as an instrument in the Lords hands to answer a precious prayer. 

Moment of the week:
Last night the last person we contacted told us we probably recognized him because his name and face have been all over the news for convicted arm robbery and kidnapping... He said that the news forgot one minor detail... He didn't do it... That was comforting.
We got out of there pretty quick. Especially since he wouldn't stop hitting on us and telling us that he would come to our church if we would be there...

Good ol' Eureka


 Sister Carter
Old Friends from home!

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