Monday, June 30, 2014

The Blessing of a Baptisms and chewing gum

Loving Service

Man, this has been a HARD week. I wont get into the details but out of it I have learned that Heavenly Father is there, that he loves me, that I need to be patient, that prayer is real, and that the Book of Mormon is inspired.

I had two favorite moments this week:
First, we went to the hospital to go pay a visit to an elderly man from our ward who is very ill. His name is Brother Gleave. He's been in the hospital for weeks and should be there for a while longer. When we got to his room we found min happily lying there in his bed. We introduced ourselves and had a great visit with him. I then asked him how much longer he thought he would be in there. He said, "oh not long. I just had surgery that wasn't too bad, and they said I should be out of here by tomorrow." We were pretty surprised by that, then we asked him when he got into the hospital. "Yesterday" He said. Sister Buckner and I both looked at each other, just about burst out laughing and she mouthed the words "This is not Brother Gleave." We quickly wrapped up the conversation and just as we were leaving two of the mans family members walked in looking confused at what we were doing with him. I can imagine what they must have been thinking seeing two mormon missionaries walking out of his hospital room. We got out of the hospital and laughed so hard!

Second, While weekly planning this week Sister Buckner found a piece of chewed up old gum stuck between the cushions of the couch. It was gross. I dared her to eat it and she said said "NO WAY" Then I remembered she was tight on money so then I changed my dare. "I will pay you 5 dollars if you chew on this for a full minute."
"NO WAY" she said. then I pulled out the 5 dollars and waved it in front of her face.
"FINE!" she said.
Haha it was so hilarious! She got her money, and I got my entertainment!

I found out yesterday that my investigator from Davis, got baptized on Saturday!! I was SOOOOO happy! His story is amazing. For lack of time I will have to save it...
TOMORROW IS LAI'S BAPTISM! She is an amazing woman! I am so touched by her story too! The church is true people.

Well, I love being here. If you are thinking of serving a mission and have that option. TAKE IT. It won't be easy, but it will be worth it.

Sister Carter.

A meeting in the beautiful California Redwoods

We've been sticky noted!

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