Saturday, January 31, 2015

18 Months old and my last full Pday

This is my last official full week of being a missionary. It is so scary!
For my 18 month mark we were given a gift card for a really expensive and Yummy Italian Restaurant

No special diet tonight... Its an all out food fest

My departing interview with President Alba is tomorrow. I am so excited. I am hoping that he will receive revelation as to the future of my life such as who I will marry, how many children I will have etc. But I have a feeling that isn't very realistic.

Being co-driver again is great! I'm loving the life of backing, map reading, and giving directions.

Last week 4 of us sisters went to a members house to chop wood. I have never felt more useless and girly in all my life. When we got to his house he walked us to the pile of wood, handed us a sledge hammer and a couple wedges and told us to go for it. We all took a good look at the pile of wood, then at each other, and busted out laughing. We were there for a while and barely made a dent in the pile, but I feel much more manly now... We assured the poor little old man that we would get elders to help him next time seeing as he did more work than the 4 of us combined.

Saying goodbye to Sister Whimpey was so sad. We had a good little cry. I love her so much.

Our conference with Elder Nielsen was so awesome. I received so much revelation for myself, my investigators and the sisters I am over as an STL. I had a good cry as I realized I would be taking off my badge soon and that being a missionary was coming to a quick end. There is truly no better substitute for missionary service. Being a full-time worker for God is so rewarding. If your thinking about it, pray about it! If God says yes, DO IT! That includes you potential senior missionaries. I hear nothing but good and wonderful things about being a senior missionary. The Seeleys have convinced me that senior missions are the only way to go, not to mention the missions across the world are in dire need of them. They hold our mission together. The mission was chaos when we were short senior missionaries.

Moment if the Week:
Part 1: Sister Petersen learned how to burp this week. She has been burping everywhere we go with a great big grin on her face. She even burped in front of our recent convert without even thinking twice about it. She kills me.

Part 2: Sister Petersen on the phone:
"Hi, we were wondering if we could come bless you? I mean leave a blessing with you?!."

Oops. Just a little bit of blasphemy that's all.

I am going to miss Sister Petersen so much!!!

Sister Carter

Here are Some Pictures with some great people whom I love....

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