Monday, January 12, 2015

The car accident

Fun fact:
Sister Petersen and I calculated how much time we have spent together
by the time I go home.
3 month
12 weeks
84 days
2016 hours
102,960 minutes
7,257,600 seconds

That's a lot of seconds. Good thing I love her. Missions definitely
produce best friends.
Our Last time together on the Northern California Beaches

So... I got Into a car accident this week... Pretty much the most
damage was done to my pride. I got a much deserved stern talking to by
President Alba, got put on bike and foot until our car is fixed, and
lost driving privileges for the last 3 weeks of my mission.
So here's what happened: I was on exchanges with a sister over in
Rohnert Park. She didn't know her area very well and wants really sure
where we were going. We were approaching a red light in the far right
lane and at last minute she told me we needed to turn left. So I
safely crossed over the middle lane to get to the turning lane. There
was a line of vehicles all stopped at the red light in that lane, so I
merged the front of my car in front of one of the cars a few cars
down, looked at the passenger and thought we had eye contact but I
guess not. We sat there for about a minute and when the light turned
green the other car drove into me... Oops
Let's just say I have learned lots of good lessons. The day before I
prayed for an opportunity to grow and now both my lucky companion and
I have been blessed with an opportunity to grow. You know when they
say never to pray for opportunities to grow? This is why. Heavenly
Father takes you seriously. It has been so much fun though! Sister
Petersen and I have had more fun on bike than we know how to handle.
We have laughed so much. We look so ridiculous it's great! We have
been so tired, so cold, so sore and so happy! We love the exercise and
we have been able to talk to people that we normally wouldn't have
been able to. It's awesome! We named our bikes the black stallion and
the squeaker. They are beautiful elder hand-me-downs that get the job
done. Not gracefully, but they work.

Elder Nielsen of the seventy is coming back to our mission for another
conference and is going to be inspecting random missionary apartments
this week so we were frantically cleaning every inch of our apartment.

Our Carpet shampooer barfs up hairballs.. yuk

Moment of the week:
I was looking at my tonsils in the mirror with a flash light and got a
Charlie horse in my mouth.... I didn't know that was possible but
turns out it is. Watch out for those mouth charlie horses, they'll

Have a great week!
Sister Carter


  1. It's very mature of you to have taken that accident as a way of growth. Learning from that accident means you were mature enough to admit your mistake, and wise enough to prevent it from happening again. You have a healthy mindset, and I wish people were more like you. At any rate, I hope you enjoy your days with Sister Petersen. Take care always!

    Sabrina Craig @ Medical Attorney NY

  2. You are the perfect example of a strong and inspirational woman, Malia. Your perspective of that accident proves how amazing you are. At any rate, I do hope you won't experience anything similar again. Thanks for sharing that with us! Take care always! :)

    Modesto Culbertson @ D&Z Law Group