Monday, January 5, 2015

Camp Liahona in the Redwoods

Soooo... I have 24 minutes to write this. Mom please don't kill me.

Okay so we had a leadership training camp out at camp Liahona in the Redwoods. It was soooo muuuuch fuuuun. All of the STL's and Zone Leaders went to the MLC camp. We had hours of sitting and training and camp fire and songs, and trust activities involving sending groups of missionaries over walls and falling from tall heights. I was asked to give my departing testimony and freaked out. I have seen missionaries give their departing testimonies my whole mission and never thought the day would come when I would share mine. I ate all sorts of gluten free food. The sisters all had "The Marriage Talk" from Sister Alba about what to look for in a husband after the mission. She pretty much made us all marriage trunky for a good hour. We did service creating 3 campsites in the woods. There are parts of my body that I have never felt sore before, but I loved every moment of it. There is nothing better than working out in nature and getting dirty!

We mad a mini missionary with us this week! It was AWESOME! We prepped her to invite our investigator to be baptized and she did it! She even set a baptismal date with her and everything. It was awesome! Poor girl she was so far outside of her comfort zone but she did so great, we were so proud of her. I am envious of her mini mission experience. She got to spend 2 nights with us doing everything a missionary does. Her name is Hannah Gerber-Kai but we called her Sister Gerber-Kai. She is half Hawaiian and has probably the worlds longest middle name on the face of the planet.

The Wilson's quit smoking this week!!!!!! They are on day 6 of quitting and Steve Wilson has been smoking since he was 6 years old! We are so proud of them! They are incredible!

Well... 24 minutes is over.
Love you,
Sister Carter

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