Sunday, April 20, 2014

7 Minutes to tell everything and 4 Ft of Fun

Dinner and a lesson at a salon!

Happy p-day,
I had a really sweet week! Basically I love my companion, I love my area, I love my investigators, I love the ward I am serving in, I love General Conference, I love learning about the Savior, I love teaching about the Savior, I love when I don't get fed spaghetti, and I love being a missionary.

15 Fun facts of the week:

1. We ate in the back room of a hair salon.... That was cool. The boss was AWESOME. We got to share a sweet message with him that got him really excited about the book of Mormon and general conference... I love being a missionary.

2. We taught Friday Forum this week. Friday Forum happens every Friday afternoon at the institute building where there is a home cooked lunch and dessert for $1, and a half hour spiritual thought.

3. We handed out about a half million flyers for Friday forum while tabling on campus and someone actually came. :) That always makes a missionary happy.

4. We had 4 investigators at General Conference this weekend! Harraaaaaay!

5. We picked up 3 new investigators :) And dropped 2 :( and are now teaching 14 of God's children!

6. One of the investigators we picked up was while tabling. We approached a guy and started talking to him. He opened up right away about his faith in Christ and how he came to develop that faith. We invited him to increase his faith by learning about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. He look at his watch, looked at us, then looked at his watch again, and said "Okay, I only have 7 minutes, tell me everything!" After we shared with him a very quick version of the restoration he looked back at his watch and looked back at us, then back at his watch again and said, "I have a few more minutes, tell me more!" So we did for a few more minutes. Then he looked at his watch again, then at us and at his watch one more time and said, "I'm already late for work, how about a few more minutes?" We chuckled and decided it would be better to set up a return appointment. so we did. He gave us his information and we are set to meet him again in that same spot this Wednesday. I love miracles.

7. I have started keeping track of all the people I have met from different countries. in 6 weeks I have met people from 24 different countries.

8. We met a lady who was convinced that she was black, but she was about as white as they come. (kinda like my sister, Cheyenne)

9. I laughed sooo hard watching Sister Whimpey get hit on by a Mexican man. He didn't notice her at first because she was kind of behind a palm tree, but then mid way into our conversation he noticed her and blurted out "MMMMMMM, BONITAAAAAA" and a whole bunch of other Spanish words at her that we didn't understand. We ended that conversation pretty quick.

10. One of our suuuuper stubborn investigators heart is softening sooooo much. He told us not to get excited, but that he agrees with most of the things that we have taught him. He is from a baptist back ground.

11. We are already in week 6 of the transfer, meaning this transfer is almost over.... :( Poo. I will probably get transferred too so that stinks. I have been here for about 4 months now so I have a feeling it is coming to an end... :( Double poo.

12. I have dreamed about a different investigator every night this week...When a missionary say they eat sleep and breath investigators, it's not a lie.

13. Sister Whitney won 4 feet of fun this week. (My mom sends shoelace licorice from Canada and we have a family game we play a lot with it) You basically have to eat it as fast as you can without using your hands at all and if it drops to the floor you have to pick it up with your mouth. It really is 4 feet of fun!

14. One night when we had barely any time left we still needed to contact at least 20 people but it was late and pouring with rain outside. We said a prayer and within 5 minutes we contacted 24 people, and were still able to get home on time. Hurray for obedience.

15. We had a mission wide hour of prayer on Tuesday. We call it "Sweet Hour of Prayer." Normally we do it on fast Sunday's but this week we get to do it twice so that we can have an extra boost in trying to reach our goals. I LOVE sweet hour of prayer! It is such a special time to be able to talk to Heavenly father about anything and everything!

Love you!

Sister Carter

P.S... Who knew you could find love and romance so easily on Facebook. Maybe the Lord  Prompted these Guys to add me!!

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