Thursday, April 3, 2014

Eggs and Peanut butter for a week

HAPPY 8 MONTHS TO ME! Today I am a month away from being half way through my mission!

P-days at the end of the month are always very entertaining. We all laughed at the result of our calls. Only 1 of us has dollars left in the double digits. Say hello to eggs and peanut butter sandwiches for the next week. Yay!

Speaking of food, Sister Whimpey and I almost melted with joy last night to get fed something other than sandwiches, and bland spaghetti. Let's just say, college students tend to have a lack of creativity and funds. Plus, when you get a sister missionary in the ward who is allergic to dairy the meal selections narrow down to about 3. My poor companion.
Reminds me of my Home

I ACCOMPLISHED ONE OF MY GOALS THIS WEEK! I made a goal that I was going to use a law of chastity pamphlet in a contact at least once on my mission. Ladies and gentlemen, not only did I give out one law of chastity pamphlet, I gave out three. You have to understand. Not only is it awkward to start a conversation with that topic, but if anyone is familiar with the pictures in that pamphlet you would understand how painfully awkward they are and how hard it is to take them seriously.  Sister Whimpey and I decided one night that the very next person we talked to we were going to hand one out. Lucky for us the very next person was in a group of 4. Yes we did attempt to give them all pamphlets, but one of them kindly sad, "no thank you, this doesn't apply to me." Haha, oh dear.

We saw two miracles this week:
First, yesterday at church a lady came up to me that I didn't think I had ever met before and started talking to me. She asked If I remembered her, I told her I didn't so she proceeded to tell me that she met met me a few transfers ago. She told me how she was praying because she lost her dog and was really really worried about it. As soon as she was finished praying she went out the front door of her house and saw us standing there. She said at that moment we were exactly who she needed to see. She said that as soon as she saw us a feeling that everything was going to be alright came over her. She felt at peace and felt that we were god sent. It was so neat that we could have been in the right place at the right time like that. I don't even remember that day, but she remembers it as a day when we were a miracle for her. She told us that she has shared that story several times. the day that the Lord answered her prayer by sending the missionaries to her door. It sure is special that even without doing anything just being a missionary can bring someone to feel at peace. 
As for the second miracle, we got a referral from a couple of the former Davis Second Ward who set up a dinner with us, and a friend of theirs who would potentially be a part of the YSA.
All week we stressed about that lesson. We both really look up to this couple and think pretty highly of them. They also speak their minds all the time. if they are annoyed by anything that a missionary does they won't hesitate to tell them.. They are pretty blunt. Soooo, we were stressed.
When we got to the dinner and met this couple's friend everything went pretty well all up until it was time to give the lesson. We both felt pretty nervous and silently prayed a lot. By the end of the lesson we felt that the spirit was incredibly strong there. We definitely knew that the Lord had helped us and that we did our best. We left and talked about it. We weren't sure what the couple thought, but we did feel like we had been very guided by the spirit.
The next night we saw this couple gain. We kind of avoided them in fear that they would tell us what they thought of us. Eventually they came up to us and we couldn't avoid them any longer. We held our breath as we waited for what they were going to say. They said, "Sisters, We just wanted to let you know that last night that lesson exceeded our expectations. The spirit in our home was powerful as you taught." We let out a huge breath of relief and almost cried at what they told us. They said we are amazing teachers.  That was a HUGE compliment to me as I want to be able to share my beliefs in a comfortable way and that the spirit would do the teaching for us. Needless to say, Sister Whimpey and I floated home that night.

Moment of the week:
Davis is full of special people. 
This week we contacted some guy who was carrying around a ukulele down town. He looked interesting so we decided to talk to him. We asked him if he had a faith in Christ. He looked at us and said, "Oh I have faith in the surfer dude Jesus Christ." My companion and I looked at each other and then back at him without saying anything. He then said, "Surfer dude you ask? Yeah, Jesus Christ walked on water."
He was dead serious.
I love people.

Sister Carter

PS. I am still getting asked if I can eat eggs.  -_-

PPS. We took a survey this week for our ipads that will be used in general conference next month. Keep your ears pealed.

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