Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter and Happy Funerals

Our New Car!

I went to my very first Mormon funeral ever. Actually it might not have been my first but my memory
is so bad that it is the only Mormon funeral that I remember. Anyway, Mormon funerals are the happiest funerals to probably ever exist! Yes there were tears, and yes there was grief, but it was all swallowed up in the joy of the Savior. We know that we will see our families again. We know that our loved ones will live again in the flesh, and we know that death is not the end, and that is all because of Christ. It was very fitting that Easter was this past Sunday. A choir of missionaries sang "I know that My Redeemer Lives" at the funeral. As I sang I felt myself get emotional.

I got to give an Easter talk this Sunday. That was exciting. Especially when I had about 4 spread out hours to prepare for it. But that's okay because I like giving talks.
Easter Miracle:
3 of our investigators and 3 less-active members came to church this Sunday!!! YAAAAAAAY! We took some Easter Sunday pictures with 2 of the 6 of them that I am attaching to this email.

Sister Whimpey and I had some pretty sweet lessons this week. We taught a woman who's Ex-husband is in jail for murder and buried the body in their back yard. Umm...Okay. She is incredible though. She cried and cried at how happy she was that we found her and how hard her life has been. She wants to turn her life around so bad. I felt so much love for her. The new missionaries who will be teaching her will love her too.
We also had a crazy throw down lesson with another one of our investigators. I am not a fan of bible bashing because 1. I am not good at it, 2. it is the very least productive way of teaching, and 3. it is just stupid. This lesson felt super boarder line bible bashy though and the crazy thing is that the spirit was there POWERFULLY, and the words that were coming from our mouths were NOT our own. I can't even remember the things that we said. All I know is Sister Whimpey and I walked out of that lesson speechless. I am definitely not a fan of that approach, and don't intend to doing that any time soon, but the Lord will use you how he needs to use you when the time is right. 

Moment of the week:
One of our investigators is such a crack up! He has gone through some really hard things in his life and has learned to laugh and find joy in every moment. He comes to just about everything we invite him to and is now on day 5 of quitting smoking. He is amazing! There is a particular member who attends our ward who is very intelligent, but whenever he starts with one of his rants you always have to wonder how long it will take. Usually because he is so intelligent his conversations can be a little difficult to follow for somewhat "less-intelligent" people as myself. His name is Brother Hillburst (I changed his name). Anyway, our investigator made the mistake of asking a question to Brother Hillburst a week ago after church about the apostasy and ended up standing there in the hall for the next 2 hours after everyone left (no lie) trying to follow his explanation. Yesterday after church we asked our investigator how Elder Quorum went and what he learned... He said and I quote, "I've been Hillbursted." 
We laughed and laughed! But he thinks it is so funny and next said, "I have some more questions, I'm now going in for round 2!"
Haha, He kills me!

Love Sister Carter

PS. We are teaching an INCREDIBLE guy who is the epitome of a golden investigator. The best part is he his 6'9!

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