Monday, December 8, 2014

A quick update

I'm soaked to the Bone!! Serious rain in Northern Cali ... yay the drought is over!

Rockin the wet dog look!
Hi everyone!

Yesterday was the greatest day ever. I was so happy. Seeing our investigators happy makes me so happy. They are shining. It was one of those days. We had 5 investigators come to creche (Creché is a display of nativity's from all over the world) and they all loved it -Some cried. Our recent convert Olivia was in the performance. She was so beautiful up there. I could have cried with joy to see her shining so bright up there.

This week we had a 48 hour fast from cars because so many missionaries were getting in car accidents. Heavenly Father thought to enjoy the show by making it rain the entire day for us. Sister Petersen and I were probably the most pathetic scene you you have ever seen. We looked like wet dogs. It was pretty fun though.

Sorry this email is so short. I am so distracted today by other missionaries in the room around me. There are so many missionaries talking and writing letters home, I can't seem to stay on task.
Forgive me.
Sister Carter
It Appears I'm a lost dog.

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