Thursday, December 4, 2014

Trunky, I am not

Coolest thing ever!! I know the missionary who baptized the Sala family (Family Friends) before they immigrated to Canada from Holland. Sister Koehle! She is an awesome member of the ward. She is our gospel principles teacher and we ate with her whole family for thanksgiving. She asked me if I knew the Sala's who immigrated to Canada. She is the missionary who found, taught and was there for the baptism of the Sala family. She was so excited to hear how they were doing, and I was so excited to hear about that experience. She loved knowing that their daughter Ira was my Young Woman's leader and that my mom was friends to many of the other children. It was a beautiful thanksgiving tender mercy!

Thanksgiving was so fun! I played foot ball for the first time in my life for 3 hours! It was awesome! I can't say I was much of an asset to the team I was on, but I had TONS of fun.

I hit my 16 month mark last week. It doesn't feel real anymore. my mind has been so busy and Sister Petersen and I have had so much going on in our area and as Sister Trainer Leaders that I keep forgetting that I only have 2 months left as a missionary. It doesn't feel real yet, and I like it that way. It keeps me from getting trunky. Nobody likes a trunky missionary.

I made an extra effort to prepare for the temple as much as I had time for and I was amazed at how much I learned today. Our p-day got moved to today (Thursday) because of our temple trip. So that's why I'm writing today. Don't worry I'm not being disobedient.
Anyway. that temple was wonderful. I was amazed at all the insights and revelations that I was able to receive.

Sis Seely our Mission office Mama

Our Apartment

We officially get to go on Facebook again this week. I am so excited. We are calling it Facebook 2.0

Gotta run.
Missionary work is da bomb.

Sister Carter

How a Sister Missionary Changes a Lighbulb

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