Monday, December 22, 2014

Double dating and our Christmas Party

Last Monday sister Petersen and I spent almost an entire day in jeans. It was so weird. We ended up doing service the whole day. Our poor office missionaries were overloaded with work to do because of transfers, Christmas and the Christmas party all happening around the same time Sister Petersen and I took pity on them and helped them out for a couple hours. By the time 6pm rolled around we were skirt trunky and happily changed back into missionary cloths.

I probably felt every emotion you could possibly think of this week. Saying goodbye to missionaries on their last day in the mission was soooooo weird. Weirder than other times before. They are the missionaries I have known the longest, meaning that I and the other sisters I go home with are the next oldest missionaries. They were scared, worried, excited happy, and sad all at the same time. It freaked me out to see them go home.
Saying goodbye

The Christmas party on Wednesday was awesome! I got to reunite with some old companions. I managed to get wrangled into playing the violin twice. once at the Christmas party in front of the whole mission (SCARY) and once at church with a days notice (SCARY). Sister Finlinson and I put together an arrangement of Greensleeves/"What Child is This?" It was so fun putting it together and so scary playing it. But we did it! Then I played along with a congregational hymn at church on Sunday.
Each zone at the Christmas party put together a skit. They were all so funny. Our zone did a skit with Elders portraying Sisters and Sisters portraying Elders in three different scenes: contacting, companionship inventory, and P-day. They were hilarious. Everyone laughed as they watched the Elders act like stereotypical sisters and vice versa. Sister Peterson and I with some other elders did the P-day scene and acted out what elders are like sending emails and playing sports on Monday.
President Alba and the AP's did a skit and danced around in elf costumes. It was so great!
These funny guys are dressed for their Christmas skit

Elder Prince has rocked  the ugly sweater look

Sister Harper reunion

I went on a double date this week... Let's just say it was as awkward as it sounds! Let me explain:

Three of us missionaries had doctors appointments in Stockton. Two sisters and an elder. A senior couple drove us and they were both in the front with the three of us packed in the back of a two door car like awkward sardines who couldn't remember the last time they touched someone of the opposite sex. Luckily I was on the outside and the other sister got to protect me from physical contact with the Elder. We felt so incredibly awkward, a trio of two sisters and one elder. Then on the way back we had to drop off the sister in her area and for the last hour it was just me and another elder with the senior couple. The senior missionaries thought it would be a great idea to take us out to dinner cause we were all starving. So there we were; me, an elder and the senior missionaries on a double date in A&W. I felt more awkward that words can describe.

Well time is up.
Love you family! Cant wait to talk on Christmas!
Sister Carter

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